How do I access my computer remotely?

There are countless resources available to get remote access to your computer.  LogMeIn has a plethora of solutions.  There’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), VPN, TeamViewer, GoToMyPC and many more.  Integration Technologies Inc. preferred solution is ConnectWise, formerly ScreenConnect.  We’ve been using their service for several years and they now have a free version available that will work great for small tech shops and individuals.  As of this writing, the link to their free sign-up is right here.

To start using their service, you’ll need to go to the link above and create an account.  They ask you for your email address and a password.  They also ask you to select a custom URL.  You will definitely need to remember all three pieces of information, so record them somewhere secure.  I’d also suggest you use memorable options, since you may need to access your computer from anywhere.  After you submit the form, they’ll collect a few more pieces of information from you.  If you’re using this for individual use, just add “personal” as the business name, select “1-3 technicians” and “other” as the business model.  They may change this form in the future, but you get the idea.

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ConnectWise operates in 2 modes at the same time.  One mode is temporary access and the other is a permanent installer.  We are only going to cover permanent access in this article.  So, once you have created your account, we are going to click the access tab on the left and then click the build button.  You can customize this as you desire, but simply selection the options Machine Name, Personal, and Windows (.exe) will get the job done nicely.  Once you’ve selected those, click the Download link.

Now we have your account setup and your software created.  The file you just downloaded needs to be run on the computer that you want to access remotely.  After that, we need to go to a computer that we want to remote access that computer from.  Simply go to the custom URL you created in the beginning, then type in your username and password.  Once logged in, click on the Access tab on the left and then double-click on your computer name.  Follow the prompts and you’ll be remotely controlling your computer.

One important note –  To be able to access a computer remotely, it needs to be powered on.  It can’t be asleep (Control Panel > Power Options) and it needs to be connected to the internet.  As always, if you need any assistance, please contact Integration Technologies, Inc.

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