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Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a suite of software programs designed to help you communicate, organize and produce content. Some of the most used programs are Word, Excel and Outlook. These programs are used for word processing, spreadsheets, email, contact management, task organization, scheduling and collaboration with coworkers. We can help you decide which licensing model and software suite is right for you.

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A backup system is one of the most important parts of your computing environment. A good backup system is automated and provides regular notification that it is functioning as expected. Your backup provides a path to recovery from physical computer failure, viruses, hacking, malicious or accidental employee data removal and building catastrophes. We have a variety of backup options available, including a robust implementation of StorageCraft ShadowProtect.

Desktops & Laptops

Desktops and laptops are the primary interface used in most business networks. It is important to get the right selection of hardware to meet your needs and your budget. We strive to help you choose the right product that will give you the best return on your investment. We can also support your existing systems and help you leverage your current investment in technology.

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Anti-virus is another important piece of your network. No anti-virus is perfect, but it is an imperative layer of defense to help keep your network secure. Our anti-virus product is live, automatically updated, doesn’t slow you down and automatically notifies us if it finds anything suspicious on your systems.

Servers & Virtualization

If your business requires a server, it is likely one of the most important pieces of hardware on your network. Servers can store data, manage printers, serve as the hub for employee communication and provide many unseen (but very important) functions that keep your systems running smoothly. We can provide and support enterprise class virtual servers, small desktop-based peer servers and anything in-between. Whether you need service or a new system, we can help.

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Networks can be wired, wireless or a combination of both; they may be simple or may include firewalls, traffic filters and many other devices. We are here to help you with all of your networking needs.


It is usually best for small businesses to find a commercial solution for their software needs. However, sometimes a custom solution is required. We have written many custom programs for our clients that are web-based, stand-alone programs or a combination of both.

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Security is paramount for business computing. Since there is no one solution to keep your systems safe, we recommend several layers of protection. Our security approach includes hardware firewall, anti-virus, backup, automated security updates, and education.

Microsoft Exchange & Email

Microsoft Exchange is a powerful platform for email, scheduling, contact management and much more. Exchange can help you keep your email, calendar and contacts synchronized on multiple computers, tablets and phones. It also provides the ability to share and view calendars within your business, making it easier to collaborate with coworkers. We have multiple options to bring this functionality to your company.

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We offer a suite of products that can monitor your systems, provide pre-failure warnings, and automate many of the tasks that keep your computers running smoothly. These products can help keep your staff more productive and reduce support costs.