Reduce computer support costs by rebooting

Integration Technologies Inc. recommends rebooting your business computer at the end of each day and then leaving it at the logon screen.  While this won’t prevent all computer issues, it certainly has a lot of advantages.  Let’s look at a few of them.

First, if we leave the computer powered on at night, it has an opportunity to check for and install updates, run disk defragmentation, update antivirus software and run scans, along with other maintenance tasks.  It’s able to do this at night, so those tasks don’t slow you down during the day.  If you’re setup to do so, leaving it powered on overnight also keeps the computer available so you can access it remotely.

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If you reboot your computer as you’re leaving your desk for the day, you don’t have to wait for the computer to shut down, run any update tasks and fully reboot.  The computer takes care of all that while you’re away from your desk.

The reboot itself allows your operating system to shut down all of your running programs, clear memory and essentially get a “fresh start.”  This daily reboot will help prevent small annoyances and issues that tend to creep up when your computer has been powered on for days or weeks on end.  Frequently, Windows updates also need to restart the computer to complete their installation.  Your daily reboot allows this to happen, so new updates can continue to be downloaded and installed as they’re available.  Consequently, this also helps keep your computer a little more secure.

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