Why Back Up My Computer Data?

Backing up your data and system information is a very important part of disaster planning. Here are several reasons to back up your computer data.

Your data can be damaged or lost in several ways, including:

  • hard disk failure
  • physical computer damage like fire or flooding
  • theft
  • employee error
  • intentional damage from a malicious employee
  • viruses – especially the crypto-locker virus and many variants.
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Having a good, up-to-date backup is sometimes the only way to recover your irreplaceable data.

This applies to both home computers and businesses. At home, you may have decades of family photos and videos stored on your computer. Without a good backup, you’re taking a daily risk that those memories may be lost forever. In the case of business, your accounting data, customer records, contact information, email and databases can all be left at risk.

There are several good backup options available. Let us help you find one that’s right for your situation. Contact us today.

Scott Johnston, Network Engineer


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